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Your guided sustainability journey starts here!

We make sustainability consultancy accessible and personalised for small to medium sized businesses. Curious what we can do for you? 

How we work

Start at the Baseline

Fill out the assessment so we can exactly establish where you are on your sustainability journey..

Discovery Call

We’ll set up a 30 minute discovery call to get to know you better, choose the right path for you and to establish objectives.

Personalized Path 

We create the path just for you, with resources, next steps and milestones. We provide everything you need to make the transition happen.n,.

Ready to take action?  

We believe the sustainability journey is different for every company. That’s why we designed a unique method on creating personalized sustainability pathways. Even if you don’t have a clear sustainability strategy in place, our ESG experts are here to help.

Meet the team

Kathryn Saducas
MSc in Sustainability & Strategy

“I firmly believe that we can succeed as a collective when we think big and work together to solve earth’s challenges.”

Diana Dalkevych
MSc in Sustainability & Tech

“Constantly learning about myself and the world around me while building meaningful relationships and contribute positively to the world.”

Karlijn Coenen
MSc in Sustainabiltiy & Marketing

“Together with like-minded people I see myself building a future where both the environment, society and businesses can prosper.”

We help you transition into a sustainable tomorrow

Sustainability is a big topic and every company’s needs are different. That’s why we want to provide you with flexible options, tailored to your needs. Choose to Do it Yourself, Guidance on your Projects or Personalized Consulting. We provide a sustainability path just right for you.

Together we transition into a greener future. 

Simplify and save time

We curate the steps to save you time and effort on your sustainability journey

Get projects done! 

We make sure you progress on your ESG goals with guided project management 


You are not alone. Our network of experts will advise you along the way to help you at every step 

Gain knowledge

Information is at your fingertips with tools and resources relevant to your business needs 


We are here to guide you through the sustainability transition your organisation needs. We will provide you a personalised path, resource, template and info you need to take action. If you need help along the way, just ask one of our sustainability experts. You make the transition happen!


You don’t have time to do the work yourself? Together we build a plan and we do the work for you. You’ll partner with one of our sustainability consultants who will facilitate and provide knowledge & expertise.

Fill out the assessment and let’s get started!